Full-Strength CRM

Document communications with clients, families, employers, referrers and case managers.

Documentation plays a central role in ensuring your facility’s success. Exceptional communication will always be at the heart of any strong facility. 

Having the ability to document any and all conversations takes that communication and puts it in an efficient and easy to use framework that everyone can access for continual success. When everything is documented properly you are able to show your professionalism to each of your clients, no one is required to try and be a mind reader any more, and of coarse the best part is with the optimized processes you will make more money.

Completely customizable status buckets, for example, add a bucket for referrals or social media in a few seconds, and start tracking. Add customized follow up reminders.

As leads are moved from Status levels, you can track every interaction, with notifications and reminders, email engagement campaigns, even social media engagement.


Powerful features.​

Analyze turnaround time from first inquiry until placement, based on status changes 

Provides notifications both on screen and via email so prospects do not fall through the cracks when information changes

Stores data as discreet elements so you can analyze the quality of prospects, see organizational trends related to acceptance, rejection and turnaround times

Uniquely designed to accommodate re-admissions with specific pre-admission data collected for each treatment episode 

Ability to track referral sources, sobriety dates, care needs, clinical and financial screening results, specific to each treatment episode

Ability to engage instant eligibility and benefit checks via VOB Getter

More than 140 questions, all completely customizable 

Ability to print, email and recall completed VOBs

VOB specific metrics to track hold time, call time, turn around time from request through completion so you can track your internal or external service level agreements

Sophisticated “VOB Queue” for work distribution and assignment

Flawless Integration.

KipuCRM is seamlessly integrated with your EMR. The largest problem with third-party CRMs is the lack of integration between itself and the EMR resulting in lost time and crucial information. KipuCRM eliminates this problem and not only will increase ROI but drastically reduce the possibility of human error. 

The intuitive user interface is one of most critical features we offer. Training a new employee on other CRMs can take weeks and some may even take months to properly learn how to use, but with KipuCRM the intuitive interface drastically reduces the time needed for training. They can start using the CRM on day one!

Efficiency is important for profitability. Effectiveness is important for growth. KipuCRM combines effectiveness and efficiency by delivering complete information with an easy to navigate system. A facility is only as successful as its ability to recognize the need to combine effectiveness and efficiency in their all their practices.