The full-strength CRM designed specifically for growing treatment facilities like yours.

The Gold Standard CRM

We get a lot of questions about how KipuCRM stacks up against Salesforce® (and other CRM platforms) for use in our clients’ specific business models. Here’s a look at the highlights of our Salesforce Killer CRM. And introducing our new KipuBI, the first-ever CRM for addiction treatment featuring Business Intelligence.

At the Core

KipuCRM was designed and built specifically for the substance abuse and behavioral health industry. It includes (at NO extra cost) active integrations with call tracking vendors (CallRail, CTM, DialogueTech, etc), email providers (Outlook/Gmail), direct-to-patient SMS texting, and Google Analytics.

Your admissions team will enjoy their personally customized grid views, event-triggered notifications, and user-specific work arenas, and will breeze through the pre-admission screening process with our custom assessments including auto-collapsing category headers and data collection elements.

Your admissions director will be equipped with dynamic and interactive management reports, giving them full visibility of activity and performance of their subordinate users and/or teams. They will also gain new insights into the “in-process” treatment prospects with status categorization and “quick click” viewing, where they can immediately identify and address process roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Built for Each Other

Of course, all relevant information is ported seamlessly from the KipuCRM into the KipuEMR making it easily available to the intake personnel for INSTANT Face Sheet creation. This means no double data entry or loss of data integrity. They simply preview, accept, create MR#, and populate their custom intake form menu for patient intake completion.

When a patient is accepted and admitted into the KipuEMR, the KipuCRM automatically updates the patient status, adds the admission date, and categorizes them as an active patient. On discharge, the same happens, where the discharge date is brought back to the CRM, as well as the discharge reason, so patients can be automatically classified as alumni or possibly as at-risk (AMA, ACA, etc.), making it very simple for your alumni coordinator to perform and document post-discharge follow-ups. Alumni follow up is documented in the same patient file within the KipuCRM as is used in the pre-admission process, meaning every communication over time is easily accessible, and if there is a resurgence of an issue or need, the patient can be immediately segued back into the pre-admission process while still having every bit of info at your fingertips to ensure a smooth and expedient re-entry.

Kipu Business Intelligence

Our gift to management: the supremely powerful BI reporting engine, where you can navigate a variety of dynamic dashboards filled with drillable widgets designed to provide actionable business intelligence in order to drive change with deep insights and answers to complicated questions.

Implementation and Support

Your KipuCRM is implemented by a dedicated specialist who will interview your designated staff members, customize your VOB and assessment forms, create your baseline buildout, and train your entire team of users. If you ever need additional re-training, that is supplied as well at no additional cost. 24/7 user support and system maintenance are also provided by our CRM support team, and, of course, there’s no extra cost for that either. Other than the single, initial implementation fee and monthly usage fees, there is nothing else that will cost you money with the KipuCRM. We’ve simply got your back.

How We Stack Up

Salesforce is essentially a giant, empty database. Pretty much everything listed above needs to be built, tailored, tweaked, and maintained by either an expensive internal employee or an even more expensive outside consultant. This becomes a “death by a thousand cuts” experience where any additional functionality you want over time continues to add more marginal expense.

With Salesforce, you’re essentially cutting through the wilderness with a machete, while every cut carries a cost not just monetarily, but also in the form of disruption to workflow consistency and team morale.

Kipu’s Specialized CRM

Built from the ground up for treatment facilities like yours. Our CRM has become a powerful tool for the country’s finest treatment facilities. Built specifically for the way you work, the KipuCRM makes it easy to track opportunities and leads through processing, screening, and on to admission. View it from any angle and see things clearly. The KipuCRM has been designed to handle your referral network with six levels of tracking. You’ll never miss an opportunity. In fact, you’ll create them.

The KipuCRM also gives you new vision into your advertising, from AdWords to billboards. Qith our new Kipu Business Intelligence, just one click delivers answers to your most critical questions. Need to understand your real cost of acquiring a patient? One-click. ROI on an ad campaign? One-click. Your entire marketing and referral efforts can now be seen in all-new ways. Better data, higher admissions, increased ROI.

In fact, our clients report doubling their admissions. Yes, double.

The KipiBI data engine combines all of your structured and unstructured information and turns it into actionable data. And it’s all one-click simple. See the KipuBI demo and experience this powerful new tool.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Kipu CRM Boosts AdmissionsWhat No Other CRM Can…

We can track a client from inception as a lead through the prospecting and screening process, enhancing your marketing program.

Kipu is proud to unveil our full-strength CRM, integrated with the KipuEMR. We’ve provided discrete data elements used throughout the CRM to allow you to create comprehensive prospective and actual client records, enabling you to analyze your outreach from any angle. Our new CRM interfaces with KIPU to admit a client into the KipuEMR quickly and easily. And since Kipu has been designed specifically for substance use disorder treatment, our Prospect Handling Application has been designed to meet the unique needs of your admission team. Also available as a standalone application.

Make Informed Decisions and Make Them Faster

Imagine data analysis any user can perform. No hard coding, aggregating, remodeling, or phone calls to your DBA. Just instant insights for smarter decisions. Unleash your inner data hero with Kipu Business Intelligence’s personalized dashboards, interactive visualizations, and robust analytical capabilities. Have all your data at the ready. With a few easy clicks, Kipu Business Intelligence allows you to filter, explore, and mine your data for instant answers to your most important questions. A true self-service business intelligence platform. Discover answers to your questions as fast as you can think of them.

Kipu spans every level of care from detox to residential treatment, day/night treatment, IOP, OP, sober living, and aftercare, with coverage of every aspect of your business from pre-admission through treatment and aftercare. We’re interfaced with over 90 labs for clinical, drug, hair testing, and pharmacogenomics.

Contact Kipu online or call 561.349.5901 for a specialized customer relationship management software.