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Eating Disorder Centers

Eating disorder treatment is highly specialized and no two care paths are the same. That’s why it’s essential for you to have the right, integrated digital solutions to support your treatment center.

Each patient has a unique treatment journey and according to Johns Hopkins, 95 percent of eating disorders affect patients between the ages 12 and 25. There are multiple considerations and regulations to integrate when treating such a young age group and our technology is here to support you every step of the way. With our end-to-end solutions, you can navigate these delicate nuances with ease so you can focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Eating Disorders have the highest risk of death of any mental illness.

How Kipu Health Helps Eating Disorder Centers

Built for the behavioral health community, by behavioral health experts, our single, software-based solution is derived from real-world problems that treatment centers faced. By embracing Kipu, your treatment center enjoys a single solution that is proven to get results in the world of behavioral care.

Interoperable Eating Disorder Treatment Center Software with Many Benefits

Remove double data-entry with bi-directional exchange between Kipu CRM and Kipu EMR.

With unique configurability, you can build the EMR for your specific requirements.

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Push necessary workflows forward effortlessly and capture information needed to ensure clean claims and maximum reimbursements.

We recognized that Kipu offers the necessary tools to eliminate manual work, track and document episodes of care, achieve full compliance, and measure outcomes to help us provide treatment
Candace Henderson, MS
Monte Nido & Affiliates CEO