EDE-Q5.2: Eating Disorders 

The EDE, and its self-report version, the EDE-Q, generate two types of data. First, they provide frequency data on key behavioral features of eating disorders in terms of number of episodes of the behavior and in some instances number of days on which the behavior has occurred. Second, they provide subscale scores reflecting the severity of aspects of the psychopathology of eating disorders. The subscales are Restraint, Eating Concern, Shape Concern and Weight Concern. EDE focuses on the preceding 28 days (4 weeks).

The EDE is a structured clinical interview assessing the key behavioral features and associated psychopathology of eating disorders. Results indicated excellent internal consistency and 2-week test-retest reliability for the four subscales of the EDE-Q: Restraint, Weight Concern, Shape Concern, and Eating Concern. There was somewhat less stability in the items measuring the occurrence and frequency of the key behavioral features of eating disorders. Overall, results support the psychometric adequacy of the EDE-Q.