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Eytan Alexander, Founder Sanctuary Lodge (UK) and Amy Winehouse Project (US), chooses Kipu to improve efficiencies running his top rated Addiction Treatment Facilities.

Explore details of the KipuEMR

The Gold Standard EMR

Advanced Cloud-Based Technology

Specifically designed for Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health facilities. KIPU is HIPAA compliant, customizable and versatile.  Facilitates efficient documentation for all levels of care. 


Advanced security and HIPAA compliance is built-in throughout our system.

New Lab 2.0 Interface

HIPAA compliant, 100% Paperless Lab Interface
Safely and securely, place orders, process requisitions and receive results directly into your patient’s charts. Currently interfaced with more than 100 clinical and toxicology labs processing UA, Blood, DNA, Pharmacogenetic and Hair testing.

Schedule Lab Order Alerts
Schedule lab orders frequencies or choose a random pattern and receive reminder alerts. Generate unique Medical Necessity Statements that include Diagnosis, current Medications and Sobriety Timeline garnered from patient's charts.

Process Lab Requisitions
Capture patient signatures, at point of specimen collection, in your KIPU EMR. Lab requisitions automatically transmit with patient demographics, payment methods, and patient consents.

Instant Lab Results
Results are recorded in your patient's chart and in the Lab Interface, ready for review, where positive and negative lab results are easily distinguishable. Sign all your negative results in one batch. Positive results must be individually acknowledged and signed. Generate detailed Lab Reports to track every step in your process.

The "Golden Thread" and "Master Problem List"

Create a global view of each episode of care.
Link Interventions, Group Sessions, Progress Notes and designated Assessments to Problems, Goals and Objectives. This enable efficient navigation and a global view of the entire episode of care.

VOBGetter: Instant Verification Of Benefits

Receive Verification of Benefits in 30 seconds.
Query verification of benefits from within your KIPU EMR. Receipt of eligible status enrolls the patient in twice-weekly monitoring and stores a history of all queries for each individual patient and for the entire facility.

Kipu's Implementation: Under 30 Days!

Zero to Go Live in Under 30 Days
Initial chart setup is designed according to your workflow. We review your setup, group sessions, schedules and complete your document templates prior to training your staff for Go-Live. We offer support during your Go Live phase and our Client Services Department is available 24/7/365

How To Manage Forms In the KipuEMR

Manage your Document Library
Consent and Evaluation forms are customizable. As well as content, you can change the titles, move your forms to different tabs, edit assigned signatures and also choose how you want your forms to populate.

Kipu's Innovative "Master Instance"

Combine multiple instances, from any Timezone
Control multiple instances and run reports from your master instance. Assign Users, Group Sessions, Schedules, Vendors, Occupancy, Consent and Evaluation forms to an individual location or multiple locations to limit or grant access. Your Master Instance puts you in control.

Feedback Informed Treatment "FIT"

Measuring Outcomes with FIT
FIT, or "Feedback Informed Treatment" is a method of measuring outcomes, approved by The Joint Commission and required in 2018 for accreditation.

KipuEMR Users Experience

KIPU helps us with our business, greatly."

"It can be turned and customized and address all the problems that you have over time."

"The Benefits of KIPU have been outstanding....."