Full-Strength CRM

Maximize Admissions  |  Includes FREE VOBGetter and VOBQueue!

Manage Ad Campaigns


Tracks source codes, create and manage social media campaigns, AdWords, phone number tracking, integration with outbound phone systems, and phone systems for ANI to identify callers.... Learn More

Boost Admissions and Referrals


Send facility staff HIPAA-compliant, encrypted PDF attachments of phone VOB’s, Clinical and Financial Screening forms so they can make an informed decision about a potential client’s viability... Learn More

Document All Communication


Having the ability to document any and all conversations takes that communication and puts it in an efficient and easy to use framework that everyone can access for continual success... Learn More

A CRM built specifically for your business.

Procesing, Intake Screening and Placement.
Designed and built specifically for those treating Substance Abuse Disorder

Kipu's full-strength CRM is gracefully integrated within the KipuEMR. We’ve provided discreet data elements, used throughout the CRM to allow you to create comprehensive prospect and client records, enabling you to analyze your outreach from any angle. Our new CRM interfaces directly into KIPU making it seamless to admit a client in Kipu, once the patient is ready. And since Kipu has been designed specifically for Substance Use Disorder, our Prospect Handling Application has been specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your admission team.

Maximize Admissions from Marketing to Payment


A Powerful, New Pre-Admission Tool.

Treatment Centers recognize the value of tracking their marketing efforts and referral sources. They understand how costly it is to only have half the info and lose the rest.

KipuCRM fixes this by overseeing and managing multiple pipelines in a single simple platform integrated with your EMR. The KipuCRM recognized the inefficiencies in other CRMs and was specifically designed for facilities treating Substance Use Disorder, making all procedures faster and gaining greater insight into prospects and patients. It’s built to empower your team to achieve maximum ROI.

You’ve set up, deployed and managed your advertising campaigns in Kipu. You entered all information about each campaign, be it Google AdWords, TV/Radio advertising or billboards. You’re tracking every dollar spent, every trade show, social media and referral contact. Now the phone rings, or a click through to your site creates a “more information” or callback request.

That’s the plan - all good. But what’s your current conversion rate on clicks and calls? How many become an admission, and what’s your process for managing and following up on every single click and call for the best possible conversion rate into an admission? ​

Double Your Admission Rate.

Studies have proven that effective lead management can more than double conversion. That’s right, DOUBLE the conversion. It’s likely that your current conversion rate is about five admissions per 100 calls, and your advertising spend is $100 per call. In that case, 100 calls at $100 each is $10,000, with only five conversions. That’s $2,000 per admission. The KipuCRM will help you increase conversion through effective lead management technology and process enhancements. ​

That means you could increase your conversion/admission rate from, say, 5 per hundred calls to 10 per hundred. You can do the math...it’s huge. The KipuCRM was written specifically in Addiction Treatment, for Addiction Treatment, so there’s no superfluous material or steps like you find in off-the-shelf CRMs. Those large, commercial CRMs must work everywhere, so they offer a 55-gallon drum full of functionality when you only need ten amazing gallons. KipuCRM gives you the easiest to use, most effective and powerful Addiction Treatment CRM that works. ​

Configured specifically to your organizations needs the VOB Queue available within the KipuCRM allows your VOB team to request and execute VOB’s quickly and efficiently. The customizable VOB question set is comprised of 105 distinct questions which allow your organization to gain insight into a prospects insurance benefits, requirements and reimbursement details. We’re a powerful lead management tool to help you produce better results from all your client contacts regardless of source including web, social media, personal referral (through staff or referrals), as well as traditional advertising like TV/Radio, billboard or bus bench. Plus, Kipu offers a single integrated set of modules so referrals or returns generated through our Aftercare, Outcomes measures, and telemedicine modules are tracked and managed as well.

Our technological tools have been designed and developed from within the addiction treatment community -- engineered to work seamlessly and gracefully together.


A HIPAA-Compliant Communications Solution.

With KIPU CRM, you have the ability to communicate with your facility staff. Send HIPAA-compliant, encrypted PDF attachments of phone VOB’s, Clinical and Financial Screening forms to enable them to make informed decisions about a potential client’s viability. Efficiently handle transportation planning and communication with internal transport team via email and calendar appointments. Use in concert with KipuMessenger for the ultimate HIPAA-compliant communications solution. There's more! Our interactive bed reservation system for placement planning is tied to KIPU occupancy module.


Faster. QuickVOB.

To expedite processing of both Phone and Instant VOB’s we have developed a QUICK VOB form. This form is comprised of the key fields needed to kick off both a phone or instant VOB. It will help your marketers in the field quickly obtain an instant VOB and/or get a VOB request in the hands of your admissions team quickly.

  • If Instant VOB is selected the data will appear; navigate back to patient insurance and kick off a Phone VOB if desired using traditional method off the CREATE ACTION button
  • If phone VOB is selected, the green pop up enqueue message will appear and you will be taken to the Patient record General Information screen to proceed with any additional data entry. ​

  • Works well in mobile view.

Once data is entered, the system will create a new patient if one does not already exist or add a new request to an existing patient if it finds a match based on Patient Name, DOB, and Insurance Information.