Interfaces and APIs

Being created in a truly cloud environment has many benefits. One of the major benefits is being able to interface and exchange information easily from internal or external sources. Once configured, Kipu is able to interface with many electronic devices like lab systems or breathalyzers and/or other programs like SalesForce in order to facilitate your workflow. Our API module allows external programs to create new patients in Kipu as well as attach PDF documents.

No special equipment is needed! Simply log into the Internet and export, update or schedule as your needs arise. Our fully secured system and user approval levels make sure that only those you assign to each level are approved and/or able to amend or view information. Laboratory information systems, hardware products, and programs like SalesForce are some of the most common interfaced systems within Kipu. But our reach does not end there; if you have a program, system, or current database that needs to be interfaced-Kipu is usually able to link it. Transmit and receive information from pharmacies, laboratories, and billers.  You are able to custom write your own scripts that transmit only what you desire.


You may have one insurance company or biller that requires 27 different data points, while another requires only 23.

You now have the ability to save your queries by insurance company/biller/pharmacy/referring party/other and transmit the same information in an approved format that is now saved within the system. If you really believe in total accessibility, please note that through our API interface – Doctors are able to see patient information, treatment plans, and even pending recommended medication orders, all through their tablets, iPads, or cellphones. Our main objective is to allow you to operate seamlessly and efficiently while maintaining and preserving your ability to provide the patient with the best possible care available.

Additional fees apply.