Medication Management

Medication management is an area where KIPU shines bright. We were built in a medical detox facility, for over a year, in what’s called “Agile Development”. That means we created KIPU hand-in-hand with staff so that it works the way you do – you do not adapt to it. We have replaced “Big Expensive” EMR’s with KIPU because they just do not understand the unique needs of addiction treatment. This is why we have hundreds of medical detox facilities using Kipu. 


Quick Look:

  • Orders can be entered by the appropriate staff and approved from any smartphone, tablet, remote laptop/PC, by your physician.
  • Orders are looked up against the FDA database screen for available dosages, potential contra-indications, and other factors.
  • Orders and PRN/Standing Orders can be saved and made available (tapers and regular prescriptions) for one button ordering later.
  • Orders can be sent to the pharmacy via fax as well as through the eScripts, e-prescribing network for electronic delivery (eScripts is an optional feature available in the KIPU Marketplace).
  • Physicians can easily review and sign all pending orders attached to their user profile that require signature in the Physician Review Dashboard



Utilizing two forms of patient verification, photograph and fingerprint reader; KIPU EMR utilizes their med pass program to generate action orders as prescribed by the physician. The med pass screen displays to the appropriate staff indicating who, when and at what time of day, medications and or action orders, such as changing a dressing or bandage, should be addressed.

Surescripts Certified

ImageThrough the use of the dashboard, doctors are able to view pending orders, individually or by group/location; assess patients, select medications and treatments from a standardized set of protocols loaded within the system or simply manually pick what is desired based upon the needs of the treatment. Upon completion, the system automatically renders the medical necessity statement, auto populated with all of the client’s information, insurance and demographics, utilizing ICD-10 codes for ease of billing later. It also automatically generates the prescription document via eScripts, again with all the information; which is sent via fax or electronically to the pharmacy.

Once the medication or action order is ready for administering, nurses monitor the med pass program which denotes bed locations, frequencies, current and historical vitals and allows for the collection of patient fingerprint signatures into the system.

Change medication dosage and times without having to stop current medication and re-prescribing the same medication.

A history of all medication changes is displayed by clicking the “Hx” button.