Labs 2.0 for Labs

Technology is the lever, the only lever that can help you improve efficiencies, financials, treatment quality, and patient outcomes



Kipu's Lab 2.0. It pays for itself.

Labs recognize the value of The Kipu Lab 2.0 interface and use it with all their clients, even those who do not use Kipu EMR. They enjoy improved client service, higher reimbursements, and better compliance! Our first lab interface was written around existing procedures...we replicated the old process. Now, with Labs 2.0, we’ve recognized the inefficiencies and re-wrote the process, making all procedures faster, vastly more accurate and includes our MNDR (Medical Necessity Documentation Report).


Why switch?

You get the Provisionally Patent Pending MNDR™, our Medical Necessity Documentation Report™.  Our Gold Certified Billing Partners report that they receive higher reimbursements when they use the MNDR™ to fight insurance rejections, underpayments, and reviews, not to mention winning more audits.

Your clients are happier and less likely to switch labs because of the improved service that you offer.

We love watching jaws drop when we show the new reporting and Medical Necessity Narrative Builder to clients. 

You assist your clients in complying with the new Joint Commission requirement that all facilities treating SUD establish progress and outcomes measurements using a standardized tool.  Kipu has The Right Technology™ to provide clients with a Joint Commission approved tool which integrates lab testing into the Kipu Golden Thread and Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM). 

We track the chain of custody as required by 49 CFR Part 40.  It’s the law and we follow it! 

The MNDR gives you the ammunition you need to fight Rejections, under payments, and reviews/audits.  Everything is there, and it’s all individualized.  EVERY lab order generates a unique statement of medical necessity for each patient along with signatures on orders and results. The use of lab testing with our new FIT (Feedback Informed Treatment) system ensures compliance with The Joint Commission requirements for 2018.

Our Lab 2.0 interface now supports Dymo Label Printers.  


Included with Lab 2.0 Interface
Medical Necessity Documentation Report

The Medical Necessity Documentation Report fully documents the reason for a test being ordered and performed, while allowing full transparency and detailed auditing for all tests.The MNDR eliminates the need for you to manually gather and present data to insurance companies, including medical records requests.​

​MNDR is a proprietary Kipu technology developed for labs in order to fully document the reason for a test being ordered and performed. The report provides full transparency and a detailed audit of all testing. The MNDR includes all information required by insurance carriers to ensure payment and defend challenges or denials from payors. Our exclusive Medical Necessity Documentation Report virtually eliminates the need for labs to manually gather and 


Available within the MNDR
Practice or facility
Patient demographics
Doctor Order and Signature
Receiving Lab Information
Requisition with Patient Consent
Signed Lab Report

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