Meds 2.0

The all-new Medications 2.0 has been specifically designed to save more time, eliminating virtually all roadblocks to 100% efficiency.

And we’ve added newly developed features to make your medication management and administration easier than ever.

Powerful Medication Management Made Simple

Standard Action Orders Reduce Data Entry

Medications 2.0 eliminates data entry for frequently used actions, by storing them as templates. Set Action Orders as scheduled or PRN, with the ability to choose which orders appear in the MAR/MedLog. It’s now faster and easier than ever.

Create and Change Tapers On The Fly

Create fully customized tapers, quickly, as you need them. Tapers can now be easily saved as templates for orders that you frequently use. Fast, simple adjustments to tapers include:

  • Adjust the dosing
  • Change the frequency
  • Revise the start time and duration
  • Add or subtract a day
  • Mark one or more doses as PRN

​With this new level of flexibility, staffers will spend far less time and effort in maintaining and revising schedules by hand or in any other system.

Protocols: Now One-Click Easy

Now with our new Protocols feature, you can build complete order sets, including medica-
tions and actions, scheduled or PRN--quickly and easily.
An amazing time saver! In fact, the entire Protocol can be added to the client chart with a single click. Select a Protocol, review it and make adjustments on the fly, before adding it to the patient chart.

Integrated COWS/CIWA/Vitals/Glucose

With new Medications 2.0, you can easily chart COWS and CIWA assessments directly in the doctor’s orders and MAR/MedLog, along with Vitals, Glucose and Height/Weight directly from Doctor’s orders and The system keeps all data in a central location for easy access.

Medication Inventory Management with Full Tracking

Track and manage medication inventory from order to administration. You have the flexibility to manage facility level medication inventory, patient specific inventory, or both directly in KipuEMR! Medication inventory is integrated with the Doctor's Orders and MAR/MedLog so that you can clearly see the stock levels at any time. As medications are observed or administered, Kipu automatically reduces the quantity from inventory. You will be able to see real time inventory levels in both the Doctor’s Orders and the MAR/MedLog.

New Efficiencies for MARS/Med Log

Newly organized for maximum usability, complete with sortable column headings for medication name, type, schedule and administration status — plus a dynamic search field to quickly locate what you are looking for.