Outcomes Measurement

Insurance companies are getting stricter every day about tying payments to outcomes. In other words, the insurance companies are looking for results and are uninterested in paying for something that is not working.

While no treatment plan is guaranteed to work 100% of the time for every individual, tracking and measuring outcomes is the key step to making adjustments in AfterCare to get the successful results you’re looking for. More importantly, insurance companies are demanding to see that your measuring and tracking patient outcomes.

The great news is that Kipu has Outcome Measurements built into Kipu. In fact, one of our clients’ favorite features is the Single Evaluation Reporting for Measuring Outcomes.

With Kipu, you can setup client satisfaction surveys, client outcome surveys, and discharge summaries. These tools allow you to acquire key measurable data points on patients throughout their AfterCare plan. The Single Evaluation Reports are easy to setup and execute. Then, the results are downloaded as an Excel compatible .csv file. You can open the reports in your favorite spreadsheet and manage the data as needed.

With the data in hand, you can plan improvements (if necessary) to help ensure the client follows a plan that produces the desired results. Furthermore, you can track the overall success of your treatment center over time and have a record of long term success you can proudly share with the insurance companies

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