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Pre Admissions

Kipu Pre-Admission records the initial interactions between your facility and potential patients.  From phone calls to emails, your staff can record an unlimited amount of touch points.  This allows your staff to follow up on potential patients and help guide them to admissions and treatment.

Increase Number of Admissions

Our Kipu Pre-Admissions process allows you to categorize each potential patient with extensive reporting allowing the admissions team to follow up on each contact including insurance verification of benefits (VOB). By recording each touch point on our Pre-Admissions module, Kipu helps increase the number of admissions with the powerful built in reporting tools that allows you to follow up effortlessly, while tracking a client from the initial phone call, through Pre-Admission and onto Admission. Our format allows the call center or marketing personnel to collect all the required information and digitally store it efficiently.

We give you the power to record every inquiry, every potential intervention, every call to help you follow up and make a powerful impact on more patients. That means, more beds filled and more lives saved.

Fast, Reliable Feedback.

From the first phone call, Electronic Interfacing for VOBUR, and Pre-Admission forms are built in to provide fast and reliable feedback, before assessment. You can even process Pre-Admission Urine or Hair Drug Testing with one of the numerous Labs that are automatically interfaced with the system.

If your goal is to process and admit clients more efficiently, KIPU offers a perfect avenue for standardizing your process flow and the ability to track and follow up more accurately.

Ask a carpenter and he’ll tell you there are plenty of tools that can hammer a nail.  But to get the job done right and do it efficiently, the carpenter needs the right hammer.

It’s no secret, you can run an addiction treatment center with a variety of tools.  But to manage your treatment facility correctly, securely, and in the most efficient manner, you need the right EMR. KipuHealth EMR software was designed by and for the Addiction Treatment Community. 

Call or click for a demo today to learn why so many treatment centers may start off with a different tool, but still eventually choose to upgrade to Kipu…the Gold Standard EMR for Addiction Treatment.

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