Attention Kipu Clients: If you require help with your facility credentials please contact your  facility’s Super Admin for further assistance. If you need to escalate your issue please contact Kipu Client Services, 561.349.5911 or

Secure Client Access

At Kipu, the security of your patient data is job number one.  We work tirelessly around the clock to ensure your data has the latest in encryption, firewall, software and hardware security.  As part of our overall security package, Kipu has secure private client logins to prevent nefarious actors from even trying to attempt to login to your account.

Think of it this way, how is someone going to break into your home if they don’t know where you live?  How will someone attempt to break into your Kipu account if they don’t even know how to reach your private Kipu login screen?

We don’t even have a general login link on our website.  Sure, it would be a lot easier and a lot more affordable for us to have one login link for every client.  But that’s not what Kipu’s about.  Kipu’s about securing and protecting your precious, HIPAA compliant, client data.  Our job is to protect your data at all costs.

Some of our competitors don’t think this is important.  Well, let’s just say some of our competitors are just not as secure.

Our private, protected client logins are just another reason why Kipu should be your trusted EMR.