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Rounds / Security Checks

Throw away your paper sheets because KipuEMR now includes a fully integrated Rounds feature! KipuEMR will create your Rounds/Qs based on your customized schedules, with recurring intervals of your choosing (every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, one-to-one, etc.). For proper identification and safety, patient photos, allergies, dietary restrictions and any urgent issues display alongside each name and MR#. Rounds Leaders can log patient location and activity (awake/asleep) as well as vitals, glucose and weight so it’s readily available for Med Pass.

  • Set recurring intervals based on the schedule of your choosing (Q30, Q15, one-to-one)

  • Patient identifiers include name, medical record #, photo, allergies, dietary restrictions

  • Easily log customizable patient location and activity directly on your iphone, ipad or tablet – no more paper and clipboards!

  • Vitals, glucose, height and weight, so it’s readily available for Med Pass

  • New Expand any Round to view each interval individually

  • New Past Rounds intervals can be accessed to complete any missed observations

  • New Add a review signature to a completed Round

  • New Super Admins are able to remove observations that were saved in error

Document observations on your required schedule, including location and activity:

Round screen

Optionally include Vitals, Glucose and Weight, readily available for Med Pass:

Round screen

One Click Rounds Reporting:

Round screen

Get rid of paper and easily document observations in one view. Watch the video below to see how Kipu made rounds simple and easy:


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